Never Trust a Pirate
Jack Sparrow: Jack is the Captain of the Black Pearl. Although he seems to keep losing it to other pirates, he is the true Captain. Jack is witty and charming and always on his own side. But that changes when an evil Queen, Regina, comes to visit him on his ship. She is working with Davy Jones, the ruler of the seas, to take down Jack. Jack realizes that he needs help and decides to call upon the greatest pirates in the Caribbean.  Killian Jones/Hook: Killian Jones, or otherwise known as Captain Hook is the Captain of the Jolly Roger ship. He is also charming and witty and ultimately one of the worst pirates. Him and Jack are quiet similar but are not related what so ever. At first, Hook didn’t want to join Jack, but when he found out that the enemy was his father, Davy Jones, he was in. Everyone thought that he had died, but he was back and was after the Dutchman which Hook wanted. On this great adventure, Hook finds that he has strong feelings for Emma Swann.Will Turner: Will (William) Turner is the current Captain of the Flying Dutchmen. He is married to Elizabeth Swann and they have a son named William. William ends up being kidnapped by Davy Jones because he knew that if he captured their son then Will would come and rescue him. That way, Jones would get a hold of the Dutchmen. Now, will is still under the commands that the goddess Calypso sentenced him to. He hasn’t seen Elizabeth in ten years and was on his way back to her when he was stopped by Jack and Hook. They convinced Will to come with them. The Swann Sisters- They are the deadliest of female Captains in the Caribbean. They are both Pirate Lords and the oldest is the Pirate King.Elizabeth: Elizabeth Swann is the Pirate Lord and is married to Will. She makes her way to Tortuga where she meets Jack and Hook. She was on her way to find Will so that they could find their son, but like with Will. Jack and Hook recruited her. They then went searching for her sister.Emma: Emma Swann is Elizabeth’s younger sister. She is Captain and of the Black Swan. She is very good at finding people, but a very difficult person to find. The four other pirates went searching for her and were surprised that she had found them first. Emma starts to fall for Hooks charm, but her heart was destroyed by another pirate years ago. She tries to push Hook away but in the end they can’t resist each other.
The pirates all the go out to battle evil and to take back the seas that belonged to everyone.

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